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Onloopp is a social marketplace and servicehub where individuals or businesses can directly render their services and products to customers. Unlike other applications, onloopp strives for constant interaction and engagement between members

Onloopp is a digital social marketplace and servicehub where individuals or businesses render their services and sell their products to customers. Importantly, it is Geo-base so that when you set up a profile, Onloopp allows people within and outside your local environment to be able to search for products or service and reach out to you directly.Legible and simplified Interaction, update, negotiation, direction and many more services to give your business the much needed publicity and best advertisement. Onloopp lets your product speak for itself. Since users want visual content and visual content is said to be one of the most important components when it comes to marketing for business and optimizing. We made picture representation one of our major tool.

loopps do not expire, only free user loopps get deactivated after 24hrs.

loopps can be posted as many times as you want. However, the number of loopps you can post depends on your plan.

You can keep your loopps at the top of the search by becoming a standard or premium user.

Since Oloopp is Geo-base, it allows potential customers, businesses far and especially near to locate your business expanding your opportunity, productivity and sales.

After downloading the App and creating a profile. “Add loopp” on the home screen directs you on how to post your loopp s in a way that is most simple and easy to navigate .After creating your loopp, push the publish button and then subscribe. Your loops automatically become visible on on the “feeds”.

click on “My loopps” on the home screen to show all your loopps. Click on the loopp you wish to edit. After editing, update. If you wish to publish the Loopp, switch the publish button to do so.

Click on “My loopps” on the home screen to show all your loopps. Click on the loopp you wish to delete. After editing, scroll down and delete.

There several reasons why your loopp might be disapproved. One of such reasons could be that your loopp isn’t appropriate or pictures are not legible enough.Loops usually go through a quick verification process

Inappropriate pictures or use of vulgar or derogatory words when creating a loopp. Using another person’s intellectual property without their knowledge. Contact Onloopp help for more information.

Report the profile or loopp that is inappropriate. Click on the loopp or profile, scroll down and report.

Click “Search” on the home menu.Type your search word and if necessary for accuracy, select the appropriate categories.

After creating a profile for your business. “Add loopps” from the home screen and select “BusinessHub”. select the appropriate categories, publish and update your loopp.

Yes but this is subject to the mutual understanding between you and the business you wish to advertise. For more information contact Onloopp customer service.

The first thing that comes to mind is Opportunity. Millions of opportunities to meet people and other businesses thereby boosting your sales and recognition. Secondly, the app is very easy to Navigate and Legible enough for even a 5 year old to understand every process. Thirdly, outstanding security and due process to ensure that users have a safe and fraud free online platform to trade .Especially because our Onmi – abilities and multi-functionality, we have a zero tolerance for every kind of fraudulent activity because keeping our users safe and confident is a top priority. Lastly, we want to help Promote and encourage ideas, passion and businesses thereby increasing their productivity. Also want to help users have a better and easy access to products and service creating a very conducive and enabling environment for already established and small scale businesses to flourish.

Sole aim of Onloopp is for people and businesses to grow. To achieve this, users are allowed to link their Apps and information on other website.

You can sell anything. Just add loopp and post it.

Individual account are allowed to sell products and offer services.

Businesses and Individuals registered on Onloopp go through a strict manual and digital verification process to keep the platform safe users.There is a very easy process to report a fraudulent loopp or profile. However, we advise buyers to also do some form of verification and also never to send money unless their goods and services have been delivered. Ask detailed questions about the item you want to buy over multiple email,s chats and calls, meet in public and secured environment when transacting.

Profiles on Onloopp go through security check but ensure through phone call, chats and emails that you are dealing with a person who really wants your product or services. Never deliver your product without verifying and ensure that payment is made on delivery or in a secured environment.

All users go through verification but we strongly advise that you deal more with standard and premium members.Also make sure to go through comments and likes about products posted by the seller you wish to purchase from.

Download Onloopp App, select business when registering and finish the quick process.

Download Onloopp App, select individual when registering and finish the quick process.

Ensure that the picture describing your product or business is very visible and gives a very good knowledge about your product and services.

Basically onloopp looks at two major factors in in algorithm as regards posts.Firstly Onloopp predicts that you’ll care about a post, with higher ranking for what matters to you, determined by past behavior on similar content and potentially machine vision analyzing the actual content of the post. Secondly, how recent the post was shared is also very important, with prioritization for timely posts over weeks-old ones.

Onloopp makes use of a really straight forward marketing process which makes every loopp important but more priority given to standard and premium members as results from these businesses or profiles usually comes first during any search. You can can also promote your loopp giving you extra advantage and keeping your loopps at the top on the feeds page.

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